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Our highly qualified and experienced roofing specialists have experience in all roofing styles and configurations.

Bli Bli Roof Repairs

Searching for a roof repairer in Bli Bli or Park Lakes? Excalibur Roofing can fix all types of roof styles and also complete extensions too. Whether your roof is tiled, colorbond or corrugated, we can repair leaks, repoint tiles or do whatever might be necessary to make it work the way it should.

Our owner and director Ryan, is a second-generation roofing specialist with over 15-years of experience. We are a family-owned and operated business with decades of combined experience in roofing construction, maintenance and roof technologies. Our roofing experts believe in providing industry-leading roofing solutions while providing exemplary customer service at an affordable price.

When you choose us for your roof repair solutions, be assured you receive the best advice and services from one of the most experienced roofing specialists in South East Queensland. Read on for more information about our complete range of roofing solutions, and learn why we have the most reliable roof services Bli Bli can offer.

Scott Ashmore
Scott Ashmore
Ryan and Excalibur Roofing were great to deal with right from initial contact to the quoting and job completion. We were kept informed at every stage and are very happy with the end result. I would not hesitate to recommend this small business.
shana engelhart
shana engelhart
Reliable, great to deal with and well priced. Highly recommended
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts
We have used Ryan from Excalibur roofing on two occasions, and both times the service has been exemplary. Arrives on time, great communication, very thorough with his investigation on the source of our leak which he fixed quickly and easily. We are happy to recommend Excalibur roofing.
Kayla B
Kayla B
Very impressed! I contacted Excalibur after another roofing company I had organised with had failed to get back to me for 3wks, and by that stage we only had about 3wks left for our roof to be sorted before solar getting installed. The team at Excalibur managed to make the timing all work - and were at all times super friendly, gave us a heads up when on their way over, explained the issues and recommendations to us clearly, and we're thorough in their work. They even sent completion photos. Our solar installers also commented the next day that 'whoever did the roof did a really good job'. Big thanks to Jamie, Kieran, Ryan, and Megan :) will definitely be recommending to others.
Graham Digby
Graham Digby
Have been using Ryan now for a number of years and can not recommend him enough. He is punctual, honest, and very knowledgeable in what he does. First class clean and tidy worker who finds the problem quickly and then fixes it. Never have needed to call him back to have another go!!
Marie Cleary
Marie Cleary
Excellent communication, thorough job and reasonable cost. Photos with invoice and kindness taking down my old satellite dish and disposal. Highly recommend this company for professionalism and cost!
Adrian Ramsay
Adrian Ramsay
Great team, great service, thanks Ryan and Jamie
Elaine Pola
Elaine Pola
The roofing men were professional and helpful while working. The job looks good quality and was done on time. We just have to wait for rain to be sure all is working okay with no leaks, and free flow of water in new guttering.
Geoff Bentley
Geoff Bentley
From first contact to job completion the service at all levels was excellent. Their communication was always clear and any questions or requests addressed promptly. Top it off the workmanship on the job was excellent. BEST Trade experience I have had in years. Thank you team.
With a small but long standing and annoying roof leak which now needed attention, I requested visits from several companies but only Excalibur replied immediately and gave a date and time for the inspection. Ryan arrived exactly on time and was able to identify the leak and fix it there and then. A downpour days afterwards confirmed the leak was fixed. The cost was reasonable and I would give them 10 out of 10 for communication, punctuality and value for money. I would definitely use them again.

Roofing Services In Bli Bli

Our highly qualified and experienced roofing specialists have experience in all roofing styles and configurations. We provide roof repairs Bli Bli home owners can trust.

Remaining up to date with all forms of roofing technology, from traditional tiles and corrugated roofing to all the latest in roofing fabrication products, styles and trends is what we do. That we you, our client, can be sure of the best roof repair solution.

Our years of experience, combined with our extensive Queensland roofing industry network, provide us with the scope and capacity to take on roofing jobs of any size and type, from standard single-story dwellings to multi-storey architecturally designed residences.

Read on below to learn more about our extensive range of specialist roofing solutions and services.

Our comprehensive range of roofing solutions includes:

Roof Repairs Bli Bli

New Roofs Bli Bli

Roof Extensions Bli Bli

Roof Maintenance Bli Bli

Roof Repairs Bli Bli

Queensland weather can be unpredictable and, at times, extreme, which can put South East Queensland roofs under added pressure and stress.

Because of Queensland’s unique weather patterns, there are many types of damage that coastal roofs can be subjected to, including:

  • Cracked tiles
  • Missing tiles
  • Shifted tiles
  • Lifted or missing corrugated panels
  • Damaged skylights
  • Compromised waterproofing
  • Shifted or damaged shingles
  • Damage to eaves and more

If you have a leaking roof in Bli Bli, our roof repair team can fix it.

This damage can be the result of a range of things, including:

  • Extreme winds
  • Falling debris
  • Heavy downpours
  • Large Hail
  • House shifts in extreme conditions
  • Pest issues and more

    Left untreated or in disrepair, a damaged roof can wreak havoc on the structure of your home and put personal assets and items at risk, including:

    • Leaks into your roof lining, ceiling and lighting
    • Leaks onto your carpets, furniture and personal items
    • Wood rot in your roof struts and walls
    • Damage to drywall
    • Potential for mycotoxin growth like fungus and mould

    Toxigenic and mycotoxin growth can put your home’s occupants at risk of adverse health conditions. Read on to learn more.

    The dangers of toxigenic and Mycotoxin growth

    Toxigenic fungi and mycotoxin growth, like mould and mildew, can adversely affect the health of humans, animals and plant life. When moisture gets trapped in a property’s cavities undetected, like in roof and wall spaces, this toxic growth can develop quickly without homeowners being aware.

    Queensland’s tropical climate creates the perfect incubation environment for mycotoxins, presenting the opportunity for these organisms to get out of hand quicker than in more temperate regions of Australia.

    While some Australian homes do have an attic, they are less common in Australia than in other parts of the world, meaning people rarely check above their ceiling line after heavy rain or a storm, if at all.

    Mycotoxin and toxigenic growth from ceiling dampness, like mildew and mould, has been linked to a wide range of adverse health conditions, including:

    • Lung disease
    • Asthma irritation
    • Skin conditions
    • Autoimmune issues
    • Neurological disorders and more

    If you have significant leaks in your home or damage to your roof, it is critical that your roof space is assessed by a professional and that repairs and treatment are carried out as soon as possible.

    Don’t risk the health of you and your home’s occupants; contact the roof repair specialists here at Excalibur Roofing as soon as roof damage or leaks become evident.

    Excalibur Roofing: The Bli Bli’s roof repair specialists 

    The roof repair experts at Excalibur can assess and repair roofs of all shapes and sizes and understand the common causes of roof damage in Southeastern Queensland.

    Contact us today via phone or email for more information about our complete range of roof repair services and solutions.

    We can repair all types of roofs, including:

    • Bonnet roof repair 
    • Butterfly styles roof repair 
    • Architecturally designed roof repair 
    • Gable and Valler roof repair 
    • Flat roof repair 
    • Gable and dormer window style homes repair 
    • Bonnet roof repair 
    • A-frame roof repair and more

    New Roofs Bli Bli

    A roofing expert in Queensland must understand the unique weather conditions and construction requirements that Queensland’s seasons demand.

    When you partner with Excalibur Roofing, you can be sure your roof is constructed by experienced trade professionals who understand Queensland roofing requirements and specifications.

    The roofing professionals at Excalibur undergo regularly updated training to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of roofing designs and technologies.

    We can construct and render all classic and contemporary roofing styles, including: 

    • Terracotta tiled roofs 
    • Concrete roof tiles 
    • Slate tiled roofs 
    • Asphalt/composition roofing 
    • Corrugated metal 
    • Steel roofs 
    • Metal standing seam roofs 
    • Vinyl membrane roofing 
    • Rolled flat roofs 
    • Timber-clad roofs and more

    We can work with all roofing types and configurations, whether your new build is in a traditional roofing style or whether your home is an architectural design that requires special attention.

    Whether you are a home renovator or a professional builder, the roofing specialists at Excalibur Roofing work tirelessly to provide superior roofing constructions and finishes, ensuring we complete projects by the set deadlines and working to meet or exceed expectations.

    Do not settle for subpar new roofing builds; call Ryan and the roofing experts here at Excalibur today to arrange a consultation and a free, no-obligation quote.

    Roof Extensions Bli Bli

    When your house is undergoing an extension, matching your roofline can be challenging. This can sometimes be a source of stress for homeowners and builders alike, as the property’s roofline is a prominent feature.

    If you are a builder or self-managed home renovator, you need a roofing specialist who can seamlessly integrate your new roof with your existing one. Our roof extension specialists have extensive experience in all types of roofs on property extensions. Read on to find out more about roof extensions.

    First-floor roof extensions Bli Bli

    First-floor homes often have low pitched roofs with either a conventional, open beam or bespoke ceiling design. We can accommodate any type of first-floor ceiling extension, producing a superior finish that only experience can provide.

    Hipped roof extensions Bli Bli

    A pitched roof often consists of several pitched sides from the apex of the ridge. Hipped roofs are robust and reliable and help produce shade around your home’s perimeter in sunny conditions. Our roof extension experts can help integrate any hipped roof extension on your property.

    Gable-end roof extensions Bli Bli

    Gable end roofs are most common on first-floor extensions and are considered aesthetically pleasing among architectural and design professionals.

    Because of the long triangular design of a gable-end roof, it is vital to get the roofline straight, as any deviation will be obvious when the extension is completed. The Excalibur Roofing team prides itself on our roofing finishes and will ensure a seamless gable-end roof extension.

    Roof reconfiguration Bli Bli

    Reconconfguring your roofing space is a great way to create a dormer or loft or create additional space for a studio or storage area.

    As a complete roofing solution company, we can provide total roof reconfigurations on any type of home for first floor or multi-story dwellings.

    Dormer/Attic roof extensions Bli Bli

    Are you converting your unused ceiling space into an extra room? Choose a roofing company with extensive experience in home reconfiguration or renovation by choosing us as your Dormer conversion roofing specialists.

    Pitched roof extensions Bli Bli

    Pitched roofs provide extra height without making your property look ‘boxy’ or imposing on your home’s surroundings. Pitched roofs are also popular where people would like to install higher windows or bespoke window designs.

    Contrasted roof extensions Bli Bli

    Blending your extension is not always the objective of a renovation. Instead, contemporary design often purposefully chooses to create a distinct contrast between old and new segments of the property.

    Our experienced roof extension specialists can adapt to any architectural roof design and strive to recreate the homeowner’s or designer’s vision perfectly. Don’t compromise on the design of your property; contact the professionals here at Excalibur and ensure your dream home design becomes a reality.

    Flat roof extensions Bli Bli

    Not all roofs considered ‘flat roofs’ are perfectly horizontal, and many have angle or tilt. Flat roofs are often one of the most straightforward roofing designs to integrate and will be standard on many Queensland homes and other properties around Australia.

    Skillion roof extensions Bli Bli

    Skillion roofs are seeing a renaissance in contemporary design and are often seen on popular TV building shows and competitions.

    It is common for these types of roofs to feature a skylight or bespoke window designs, allowing more natural light to flow in from above on upper levels or into the entire home via a mezzanine floor.

    Glazed roof extensions Bli Bli

    A popular trend and lighting strategy in contemporary design is to let as much natural light into a home. This trend is for various reasons, including human, pet and indoor plant life health, while also reducing the need to turn on electric lights during daylight hours, reducing energy costs, and a home’s carbon footprint. 

    As a result, glazed roofs are becoming more popular, whether over sunroom extensions, patios, or the home itself.

    Gambrel roof extensions Bli Bli

    While gambrel roof designs are not standard in Australia, some homesteads do utilise this roofing style. Homes with Gambrel roofing are often multi-story or include a larger attic or dormer in the roof space.

    Twin gable roof extensions

    Design experts consider Twin gable roofs a thing of architectural beauty and look stunning with unique roof tile types and patterns. However, making a twin gable roof extension look seamless takes experience and skill, something the team here at Excalibur Roofing have in spades.

    Roof Maintenance Bli Bli

    Your property’s roof is one of your home’s most prominent visual features, significantly affecting your property’s overall aesthetic, making routine roof maintenance one of the best ways to keep your home looking its best.

    Roofing inspections Bli Bli

    Spotting roofing damage or degradation may be difficult for the untrained eye. Whether for routine inspection or post weather event assessments, our experienced roofing professionals can ensure a comprehensive report on the condition of your roof.

    Roof cleaning Bli Bli

    Your property’s roof is subject to harsh weather, wear and tear and pollutants all year round, including:

    – Environmental dirt and grime
    – UV radiation
    – Extreme cold and heat
    – Pollution brought down by rainfall
    – Leaf litter, branches, bark and tree sap
    – Biological growths and more

    Having a professional pressure clean from our team of roofing specialists can reduce the chance of premature degradation and keep your visible roofline looking its best.

    Gutter maintenance and repairs

    Blocked, leaking, rusted, or damaged gutters stop them from performing their job to divert rainfall and debris away from the property’s major structures and perimeter. 

    Like dry leaves and tree bark, built-up biowaste can also present a fire hazard if your home is in a bushfire zone or a neighbouring property suffers a fire. Clear gutters also help keep your rainwater cleaner if your property utilises rainwater tanks.

    Your gutters are a critical part of your roofing and need to be in good condition to function optimally.

    Expert roofing services Bli Bli

    Your roof is a vital part of your home structure. Whether building, maintaining or repairing a roof, you want an experienced roofing service that has you and your home’s best interests at heart.

    Ryan and the roofing specialists here at Excalibur Roofing are proud to be intergenerational industry leaders for complete roofing services in the Noosa and surrounding Southern East Queensland communities. Contact our friendly staff today via phone or email to book a free, no-obligation quote or find out more about our comprehensive range of roofing solutions.